U9 soccer drills and games

More game-like activities as skills take on more importance. Possession play and using the different areas of the pitch. Defending will advance defending in 1s, 2s and 3s and holding up play. Players will rotate in two or three different positions to avoid early specialization.

Recommended to play 7v7

PRIORITY: Development of Individual Technique

U9-11 beat a player 1v1 activity - part 1

Beat a player 1v1 (U9 activity)

in Attacking, EasiCoach

Start with two players facing each other over the middle cone. Make one the attacker and the other the defender. The attacker is the lead and must try to fool the defender and get to one of the cones first and knock the ball off – the defender must try to mirror the movement and get there first. MORE

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