Overlap and crossover skills soccer coaching drill

This soccer coaching drill session uses a combination of overlapping and crossover movement where timing is essential, but if your soccer (football) players get it right on match day, it will pull an opposition defence apart.

Soccer drill set up

You can use half the pitch for this soccer (football) drill. You also need four cones, a goal, a goalkeeper and at least six outfield players. 

Soccer coaching drill session to get overlap and crossover

Player movement Ball movement

Run the soccer (football) drill

  • After passing to the central player, the first player gets ready to play a wall pass.

  • When the wide player receives the ball, he now plays into the first player, then gets into the box.
  • The first player passes first time into space for the overlapping player to run and cross for the wide player to score.

Rotation of players in the drill

  • The first player becomes the new central player.

  • The central player takes the place of the wide player.
  • The wide player rests and waits for their next turn.

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