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technical development game featured image

8-player “Technical Development” game

At Real Madrid it is a basic requirement for players to feel comfortable on the ball so passing games like this are a must for developing all aspects of attacking play. Why use it Every young player in your team needs to feel comfortable to have the ball at his feet all the time – […]

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Sweeper keeper session featured image

3 v 3 sweeper keeper session

This session ensures that your goalkeepers play an active part in training by encouraging them to start attacks from the back like Victor Valdes. Why use it With most coaching advice centred around playing out from the back, coaches need to include goalkeepers in training games to get them playing with their feet. In this […]

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1 v 1 goalkeeper drill featured image

1 v 1 goalkeeper drill

Middlesbrough stopper Victor Valdes is great at pulling off saves when he goes one-on-one with a striker – and if you run this session your goalkeepers could master the art too. Why use it This session is great fun to play and good practice for getting your goalkeeper to dive at the feet of strikers […]

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George Best Game featured image

The George Best Game

This game is named after the late George Best – one of the most skilful players ever to grace the game. It is designed to encourage a quick passing style of play plus the freedom to dribble and run at defenders when in the final third. Age group: U8 – U14 Set up: create a […]

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4 v 4 continuous small-sided game featured image

4 v 4 continuous small-sided game

Give your players plenty of decision making opportunities in this fun transition game, which also exposes players to lots of overload situations. Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) / up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Two teams of four players Two goals Two keepers Rules Each team defends one goal. One […]

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8 v 5 creativity drill featured image

8 v 5 creativity soccer game

Encourage your players to be as creative as Juan Mata around the penalty area and teach them the importance of a well-weighted pass and a well-timed run. Why use it Creativity around the box is vital to ensuring the creation of scoring chances. The type and accuracy of pass are key, as is a good […]

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7 v 7 counter-attacking game featured image

7 v 7 counter-attacking game

Use this fast and exciting training session to teach your players to recognise when a counter-attack is on. It encourages quick breakaway attacks and quick decision-making. Why use it Players get chances to score on the counter-attack and they must be quick to take advantage. Often young players will not see the overload when they […]

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Chipping drill featured image

How to teach chipping

This simple game not only helps to develop the kind of soft touch your players will need to chip the ball, but it is also a fun way to pack up at the end of a training session too. Why use it Developing a soft touch to chip the ball with accuracy helps players learn […]

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