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How switching play can make your team stronger

Watching the Euros instead of standing coaching my players gives me a good chance to see how some of the world’s greatest coaches approach games where the opposition poses different problems. Chelsea’s new boss Antonio Conte gave a wonderful performance in matches before they lost out to Germany on penalties. He was faced with two […]

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Blindside Run picture from David Clarke's Soccer Tactics Made Simple

Make blindside runs to create more goalscoring chances

A blindside run is a move made by an attacker that a defender doesn’t see because he is busy watching the ball. To make a blindside run, an attacker positions himself on the shoulder of the defender so that the defender cannot see both him and the ball at the same time – hence the attacker is on the defender’s “blindside”. When doing this, the attacker can make […]

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The Pivot/Goalkeeper Axis

Individual players have a particular job to do in a diamond defence right from the goalkeeper to the attacking midfielders. The focus here is on the role of the defensive midfielder or pivot and his relationship with the goalkeeper. At this year’s Euros in France the strongest teams all seem to have a brilliant goalkeeper […]

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Pre-season Week 4: Stepping up

The start of the season is almost upon us, and over the last three weeks you’ll have seen your players getting into the sort of physical and mental shape that is going to guide them through a long season ahead. The last pre-season training session is all about stepping up and brushing up. You’re looking for the final pieces of […]

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Pre-season Week 3: Assessing your players

Pre-season training is in full swing. You’ve recapped the basics of passing, possession and fitness, and there has been plenty of small-sided game-play thrown into the mix as well, but now you want to delve down into what your players are going to produce this coming season. Timeline 0mins: Refresh from last week 3mins: Light jogging 6mins: Static stretches 9mins: Light jogging […]

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half volley

Pre-season Week 2: Developing skills

The first pre-season training session back after the summer break gives everyone the chance to link up, brush off the cobwebs and get back to soccer. But the second training session is, in theory, where the hard work really begins. So having eased yourself and your players back into the swing of things, now is really […]

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The difficult choices players face…

During the spring I had that awful discussion with the parents of the Under 12s because half the team has to choose between playing rugby or soccer on Sunday mornings – now they have started secondary school Saturday soccer has stopped because that day belongs to school sport. The problem for the parents is that […]

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What makes a good coach?

Don’t underestimate how important your weekly training sessions are for the development of your players. One of the reasons the top coaches are hunted by clubs all around the world is because they can make a massive difference to the success of the club. This is true in youth soccer where a good coach can […]

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