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AskDave reading opposition featured image

How to read the opposition

Question What’s the best way to improve one’s ability to quickly read the opposing team? Answer There are a couple of ways you can improve on reading the opposition. The main one being see how they line up at kick off, work out what formation they are playing and that will give you a good […]

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AskDave Paul and Tom Ince featured image

Coaching my son’s team…

Question I understand you coach your sons’ teams… I am now coaching my own child… what advice would you give? Answer There are a number of things you need to do to try and find the right balance when coaching your son’s team… Don’t favour them Don’t build your team around your child. You might […]

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Touchline tales developing players featured image

How to develop soccer players

Over the past few months I’ve been writing a comprehensive Soccer Skills Curriculum (called EasiCoach Soccer Skills Activities) that covers the development of players from Under 7 through to Under 16. The development of players is one of the reasons we are coaches, so it helps if we are coaching the right things. To this end […]

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4-player pre-season support session featured image

4-player pre-season support session

Use this fast paced training game to get two centre midfielders and a defensive midfielder moving quickly into positions to support each other, just like they would in a match. Why use it This is a refresher for players to get into supporting positions when they are near the player with the ball. Set up […]

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Channel side from David Clarke's Soccer Tactics Made Simple featured image

Get your players defending channel side

Channel side is a defending tactic used up by a central defender, which positions him closer to the touchline than his direct opponent. The defender will also be on the shoulder of the opponent and in a supporting position behind the team’s full back. Once in this position, the central defender can defend passes made into the “channel”, which […]

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U7 dribbling activity featured image

Dribbling activity for under 7s

Line up four players behind a starting cone. Put a cone gate 2 yards in front and a cone goal 1 yard further on When you say “go” the first player in the line takes three touches to take the ball through the gate. Once through the gate, players can choose to shoot at the […]

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Dribbling to the goal game featured image

Dribbling game for U7s

Set up a 12 yard square area with a halfway line and a goal at one end. Split players into three groups of three. Number the players 1, 2 and 3 in each group. In their groups, players start in one half of the area passing the ball to each other. As they play, they are listening out for the coach to […]

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5v5 attacking with speed session featured image

5v5 attacking with speed session

Every team needs dribblers who can attack the opposition with speed, so try this training session if you want to encourage your players to dribble with the ball like Ross Barkley. Why use it Getting players to try to beat an opponent or to accelerate away with the ball is a wonderful attacking weapon. It […]

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