Basic running and passing game

This is a basic football (soccer) coaching exercise for running and passing skills. It's a game where the team that can run individually with the ball scores the points. Play it as a normal 7-a-side game without goals.
Football passing drill to get players running with the ball

The more runs with the ball – the more points

The aim of this basic passing game is to be in possession of the ball, running over your opponent’s goal line. You want your players to be like running backs in American football with just one thing on their mind, running as far as possible with the ball.

Rules for passing and running game

You score points for running with the ball, but the player with the ball must run one complete quarter to continue the run – so grey starts at line A and must pass to someone in space or go himself to at least line B, then he makes the decision to run for line C or pass to another player in that sector.

The grey team must try and get one of their players running in possession with the ball over the line, E. Their opponents must try to win the ball and get over line A. Teams get five points for this.

Add match realism to basic passing game

To stop teams standing all their players on the back line, award two points for crossing into the opponents' half, so both teams get points for crossing line C. Award three points if the grey team gets across D or white team across B. This should encourage both teams to defend from the front.

Key soccer (football) coaching tip

Throw-ins are taken when the ball goes out of play (no corner kicks) otherwise the normal rules of the game apply.

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