Fun finishing soccer drill

You can bet your life that if you spend most of your soccer coaching session working on scoring with the feet, the best chance on match day will be with your attacker’s head, and they’ll try to kick it!

The beauty of this soccer coaching session from Michael Beale is the variety of balls players must react to. Have them react to these three different chances and it will make them more versatile when they get a chance on match day.

Michael’s advice is to use this simple drill to “encourage a variety of finishing techniques”.

Soccer drill to encourage different finishing techniques

Set up finishing soccer drill

You need half a pitch, three cones, a goal and a goalkeeper. Michael has used six outfield players but you can use as many as you want with a minimum of three.

How to play it

  • The shooting player passes into the target player and runs to receive a return pass and shoot.
  • The shooting player reacts and runs to the goal line server in order to receive an aerial pass to head at goal.
  • Finally, he runs to the last server and receives a pass to turn and shoot at goal.

How to rotate it

  • The shooting player becomes the target player.
  • The target player joins the queue to become the attacker.

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Click the link for tips to help your players have fun with heading soccer drills.