Soccer drill to coach basic long distance shooting skills

Use this basic soccer shooting drill to get your players developing their long-distance shooting skills.

Key soccer coaching tips

The space just outside the penalty area is a good place to get your players shooting from. Young goalkeepers often struggle with long shots and either just block them, so they rebound back to the players, or turn them around the post for a corner, both situations give you attacking options.

Shooting soccer drill

  • When you set up the soccer (football) drill start by getting your attacker to face goal outside the penalty area – around the 18m mark – and you stand another 10m further back.

  • Play balls that your attacker has to react to passing at different angles into areas so he has to move and hit the shot first time at the goal.
  • Tell your attacker to concentrate on hitting the target first and then get him to use more power in his shot.
  • Make sure you vary the type of pass – ball on ground, ball lobbed etc.

Shooting drill tips

To move play on you can mark out an area 20 metres x 50 metres and set up two teams of players, as the diagram shows, in two areas with a 10m middle section clear of players.

Soccer drill for long distance shooting

How to run the soccer shooting drill

  • Each square has a 4 v 1 plus a goalkeeper guarding a small goal.

  • In the first square the four grey players must pass the ball and one of them runs into the vacant middle area, which is the shooting area, and shoots at goal.
  • The white player tries to win the ball. At the same time in the second square the four white players must move the ball so one of them can run into the middle vacant area to shoot at goal, while the grey player tries to tackle.
  • The lone players should follow the shot.
  • The lone player in either section should follow up once the shot from one of his team-mates has been fired in on goal – just in case the ball rebounds from the goalkeeper or even one of the four defenders.

How to advance football (soccer) drill

The ratio of defenders to attackers can be altered to 3 against 2, or even 4 against 2 to ensure greater awareness, and better passing skills.

Key soccer coaching tips

Make sure the side that has the ball gets to the midfield area as quickly as possible to get a shot in on goal. Look for good technique from the players shooting – eyes on the ball, non-kicking foot alongside the ball and good balance.

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