Around the world small sided game

This small-sided soccer game has match-like pace so players arrive on the pitch at different angles, speeds and levels of fatigue due to the attack that has just taken place.

The aim of this small-sided soccer game is to get your players thinking about their positioning on the field as they have to adjust to defending different goals. It's fast paced so is a good defending football game to use to prepare for match intensity.

Set up defending football game

You need to set up a playing area 25 yards by 25 yards, with goals on three sides of the pitch. Divide your football players into three teams of five.

Attack soccer small sided game
Player Movement Ball Movement

How to play the small-sided defending game

  • With goals on three sides of the pitch, the teams defend the goal occupied by their goalkeeper and attack the goal they are facing. The white team starts by defending their goal.

  • Next, the black team adjusts its position to defend their goal against the grey attackers.
  • The first round is completed when the grey attackers switch to defend against the white team.
  • Play the defending game for a set time and rotate the teams so they defend each goal. In the following round, the second pair in each team attack and defend.

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