1v1 Soccer drill for attack and defence in penalty area

This is a series of 1v1 soccer coaching drills that are physically and mentally demanding for the players as they compete to win the game. They must show strength and patience in order to win the battle.

Set up the soccer drill

Use the 18-yard area of pitch or set up an area 30 yards x 20 yards with a goal. You will also need some cones and balls.

1v1 soccer drill with attacker and defending
Player movement bar

How to run the soccer (football) drill

  • One player from each team goes into the penalty area to start the drill.

  • The other players surround the outside of the area with a ball each.
  • The black player starts by receiving a ball from one of his team-mates and attempting to score.
  • The white player must use his skills to defend.
  • The players switch roles for the next ball. The soccer drill continues until all the balls have been played into the area.

Soccer coaching tip: Players have to be quick to enter and leave the area, defenders must use their skills to stop the attackers from turning and make sure they try and block any shot if the attacker manages to create space to shoot.

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