Soccer drill to encourage support play as it moves up the pitch

When you create space on the pitch with movement and clever tactics, you need your players to support the play as it moves up the pitch. This soccer drill is designed to get players moving up the pitch in support of their team-mates.

Young players often stand and admire a good pass and defenders can also lose focus and fail to react quickly to a defensive situation. Often young players don’t attack space quickly enough and therefore a chance is missed. This soccer drill addresses all three of these situations.

Soccer drill tips

  • Vary the starting distance from goal depending on the age of the players and the intensity required. You may just want to move into the penalty area or support play for the whole pitch.

  • The middle player starts with the ball and has a choice of which team mate to pass to. The other player acts as a defender.
  • Once the pass is made, the attack continues until the ball leaves play.
  • The idea is for the first player to pass, then move to support the player on the ball, in the diagram you can see they are advancing on the penalty area.
  • For the next attack, the defending player now becomes the passing player and has the choice of who to pass to. 

soccer drill where first player passes, then moves to support player on ball
Develop the soccer drill

  • Put the two players up front in a forward/centre back position. This changes the type of run the passing player will make.

How would I put this drill into a game situation?

Play a 4v4 game with goalkeepers on a small pitch. This will mean every pass will need a supporting run, every change of possession will need the defending team to react quickly and there will also be many chances to attack space and score as the pitch and number of players is small.