Soccer training drill to get players passing through midfield

If the opposition are not using the wings, you will find your team in a midfield battle. To get the ball to your players on the wings you are going to have to win the midfield battles and get possession of the ball, then keep hold of it to allow your team to pass through midfield to the wide players. Use this drill session to coach your players in practising these skills.
What you need to focus on in this soccer training drill session is:

  • Spreading out to create space.

  • Identifying and attacking the space.
  • Quick, accurate passing.
  • Good movement to create space.
  • Good first touch away from defenders.
  • Using angles to receive and pass.

soccer training drill session to get players spreading out to wings to create space

Drill set up tips

  • Set out a 30 x 30 yard square with cones or markers. Inside the square mark out a smaller 10 x 10 yard square in the centre.

  • One attacker, the midfielder, stays in the smaller central area, which the other players are not allowed to enter.
  • The attackers in the outer area must keep possession away from the defenders and, whenever possible, use the central midfield player to switch the play.
  • Run the soccer training drill for a set time and give each player a chance to be the central midfielder.

Extend the soccer drill

Once your players are comfortable with this soccer drill you can allow the attackers only two touches of the ball, one to control and one to pass. As always, you should encourage players to use both feet to pass and receive the ball.