Age-related soccer coaching curriculum

How do you know what to coach to your players and when to coach it? What might you expect a player to be able to do or understand at U12 that they couldn't at U11?

It's a huge question and one we get asked a lot which is why we developed our EasiCoach soccer curriculum

The EasiCoach soccer skills curriculum contains ready-made, age-appropriate, safe training activities that help grass roots coaches like you teach core soccer skills to young players.

They are called EasiCoach because they are simple and easy to follow. EasiCoach coaching activities will help you to:

  • Quickly understand what it is you're trying to achieve
  • See what you need to do from just a few words and pictures
  • Grasp the key dos and don'ts at a glance
  • Check you have all the equipment you need (never more than basics)
  • Cater for more or fewer players at your session
  • Speak to your players with confidence

But here's what really great about the EasiCoach approach: follow all the materials in each manual, and your players will be learning the right skills for the right age group every season, progressing their learning in the most appropriate way.

What's more, it's not a completely prescriptive curriculum. Cover it at your own speed and in any order you choose.

U14 develop turning skills game - part 1

Return to play: Turning skills

Please check out the latest sport and social distancing guidelines in your area, and follow the recommendations when planning training sessions. This is a simple passing, turning game which will give your players the ability to receive the ball and turn with it to pass in another direction MORE

U8 pass the ball 3 yards to a team mate activity - part 1

Return to play: Avoid the pass

Please check out the latest sport and social distancing guidelines in your area, and follow the recommendations when planning training sessions. Return to play: Great one to get kids going. Focus is on short passing and receiving in this activity MORE

U8 block passes by the other side game - part 1

Block passes by the other side (U8 game)

The idea of this game is to stop passes by blocking and cutting off passing routes. The aim is to pass the ball, by throwing and catching it, through the zones to score by throwing the ball through the opposition’s goal. MORE

U11 block passing routes activity - part 1

Block passing routes (U11 game)

The aim of this game is for one team to keep the ball for as long as possible while the other team blocks passing routes. Players must remember that they have to pass the ball to a team mate within their own zone before passing into the end zone. MORE

U14 develop turning skills game - part 1

Develop turning skills (U14 game)

In this session the player controlling the ball turns, swinging his body around ready to take a route towards the goal i.e. away from the defender, who will struggle to make a challenge if the control and turn is made skilfully enough. MORE

U7-U8 goal kick game - part 1

Goal kick (U7-U8 game)

The game starts with a kick from one of the goalkeepers. He puts the ball down in front of goal and kicks out as if from the edge of the penalty area. MORE

U8 dribble with the ball with one half turn game - part 1

Dribble with the ball 5 yards with one half...

Players must concentrate on keeping the ball close. Watch for poor technique as the game puts pressure on the players. Players will learn quickly how to control the ball so they can keep running away from the taggers. MORE

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