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Make scoring easier

Shrinking goal

This is a great game since it provides a natural handicap that makes even the most unequal of teams (in terms of player skill) equal. So let your players choose their own teams, if necessary, and enjoy the game’s effect! MORE

Attacking tactics

Attack like Liverpool

Feeding strikers like Liverpool do with their amazing front three is the best way to get your team on the front foot and destroy the opposition before they have woken up. MORE

Switching play

Switch play to beat teams that park the bus

Struggling to create goalscoring opportunities against defensive teams? Switching play is key to the solution. The secret to opening up an impenetrable back four is switching the play and getting opposition defenders to leave their posts. MORE

Watch Kevin De Bruyne shooting masterclass

Kevin De Bruyne was once dubbed “the modern Cruyff”’ by his under-21 manager at Genk and it was Johan Cruyff who said: “Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” MORE

Dribble and shoot

Dribble and shoot

It is an important part of a striker’s tool box to be able to dribble the ball and have a shot a goal as a result – often finding space in the final third relies on aggressive strikers MORE

Open defences

Open the door in 1v1

Win the 1v1s in this game and you’ll find space behind the opposition. It is one of the key things an attacking player needs to get into positions where they can hurt the opposition MORE


Watch fantastic skills of Marcelo’s son, age 8

Real Madrid prepare for final... Marcelo's son Enzo Vieira, eight, represents Real Madrid at youth level but on this occasion he was in the first-team dressing room and took the opportunity to play a game of head tennis with the squad. MORE

Get into the right mindset

5 tips to get into the right mindset

Sport psychologist Dan Abrahams offers five tips to help you sharpen up your players mentally so they are ready to face the season ahead when you get back after the summer break MORE

Barcelona warm up

4 ways to kick start your team’s performance

The benefits of a dynamic workout to your team to get them ready to play a match cannot be ignored. Young players have to give their muscles a range of dynamic and progressive movements to prepare them for the game. If they don’t you’ll be risking them getting a injury when the game starts. Warm... MORE

Dealing with disruptive players

Getting the best out of your players

It is getting to that time of the season in England when coaches are taking stock of how many players they need and how many players are staying/going. And the players who have friends that want to join the team and all that goes with putting together a team for a new season. There are... MORE

Clearing up at the end of the season

End of season checklist – 25 jobs to do

When the season comes to an end, a coach has more things to do than just say farewell to his players. Take note of my 25-point checklist before you break up for the close season MORE

Mo Salah Liverpool

Score like Mo Salah

Liverpool’s Mo Salah was outstanding in front of goal this season. He secured the Premier League Golden Boot for 2017-18 after finishing the season with 32 goals from his 36 appearances. MORE

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Flying Fullbacks

Flying Fullbacks

The sight of a defender bombing on down the over-lap is no longer seen as a surprise move from an unexpected angle but a key part of how all the best sides seek to play. Fullbacks are now a potent attacking force in the professional game – it’s very rare you see a team that... MORE

Space Invaders soccer drill for 5 to 8 year olds - part 1

Space Invaders

You have to fast in this dribbling game with the focus on close control, passing accuracy and pace, one-touch passing. MORE

Beat two and score - part 1

Beat two and score

Beat two and score is a dream practice for players who love to show off their skill and dribbling ability. Players must compete to dribble outside the opponent’s end line and into a second 1v1 situation where a quick change of direction can give them the opportunity to shoot. MORE

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