11/13/2018 | Refereeing

Six tips for coaches who referee

With a shortage of referees at grassroots levels, coaches will often have to officiate matches themselves. Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey offers advice for coaches taking on the role of match official. MORE

Passing for possession

11/12/2018 | Passing

Passing in threes

In this game there will be lots of touches of the ball and technique to get passes between players. Movement is also key to what happens in the session. Set up You need a ball and a 16×16-yard area. We’ve used nine players in the session. You will also need bibs and cones. How to... MORE


Forwards combine

09/10/2018 | Rondos

Combination Rondo

Midfielders who are looking to get the ball to an attacker need to create space to thread passes through, while target men need to learn to receive and control the ball. MORE

09/10/2018 | Rondos

Benefits of using Rondos for youth players

Rondos are vital to the training systems of some of the world’s top academies like Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Barcelona, and the success of Rondos for creating good team play has become increasingly popular for grassroots coaches to implement, partly due to their simplicity. MORE

Key Rondo passes

09/4/2018 | Email newsletters

5 great ways to use Rondos

Rondos are fantastic for training, for warm ups, for pre-season and to get players in the mood for working hard. They are directly related to the principles of play and link into systems of play – so 2v1 3v2 – and that works into practicing formations at all age groups. MORE

Turning to play forward

This exclusive session from Sean Dyche aims to encourage turning to open the opportunity to play forward rather than sending the ball sideways or backwards. Within this, it allows players to put the ball ‘at risk’. MORE

Deadly transitions

This session examines how we condition a player technically, tactically, physiologically and psychologically when attacking and defending transitions in a small-sided competition-based game. MORE

Position specific development

This exclusive session by Chris Hughton could be run on a weekly basis, or it could be linked to a tactical focus for an upcoming game. MORE

Small-Sided Games

Overloads to score

10/29/2018 | Attacking

3v2 transitions

The attacking team has an overload but can the defending team use their players to create their own overload and win the ball back so they can score? MORE

Pass and turn

10/18/2018 | Small Sided Games

Pass move shoot

This is a great session for getting attackers to be open to the pitch and it will help your striker learn when to shoot and when to tee up a team-mate MORE

Play 2v1

10/16/2018 | Attacking

Four square

If you want your players to outfox the opposition defence by creating goals, this game will provide plenty of opportunities to make clever passes and set up play around the goal area MORE

How to coach shot variation for attackers - part 1

11/11/2018 | Practice plans

Take a shot

Players need to practise a variety of shots in pressure situations so they can improve their chances of scoring goals. This session could help you find your best goalscorer – it might not be your current centre forward. MORE

How to coach the elevator pass - part 1

11/10/2018 | Practice plans

The elevator pass

A lofted pass enables players to send the ball over longer distances. This can elevate your team’s chances of moving the ball into more attacking positions or clear from danger. MORE

How to coach quick reactions - part 1

11/4/2018 | Practice plans

Quick reactions

When an attacker is in the act of heading or shooting, the distance between himself and the goalkeeper can be so close the keeper doesn’t get any time to think about how to make a save. This means he has to develop reaction skills. MORE

Movement and possession

08/2/2018 | Warm Ups

Find the free player

This warm up is ideal for training sessions about retaining possession and finding players in key positions. This concept is really important for teams that manage to have the lion’s share of possession in games yet find the opposition denying them space in the final third. MORE

11/6/2018 | Set pieces

Score from corners

This shows how effective a flick on can be and helps players exploit the space in the box by moving to the area they know the ball will be delivered to. MORE

11/1/2018 | Defending

Win the ball

This session is all about staying calm when under attack and reading the through ball. As this game progresses good tackling is needed as the danger changes. MORE

10/15/2018 | Team Management

4 ways to get over a bad start to...

A run of poor results at the start of the season can really knock a team’s confidence. Sport psychologist Dan Abrahams offers grassroots coaches four tips to help their teams get over a rocky opening to the campaign MORE

10/10/2018 | Tactics

Why tactics are essential for your team

One of the most interesting parts of being a coach is getting a grip on the tactics that a team plays – one thing for sure is there are a million different ways to play the game. A coach needs to create a playing style for the team and also have a number of different styles up his sleeve should the tactics prove ineffective against the team they are playing. MORE

Tears training feature


How to defend a lead

I don’t know about you but there are many games where the score is tight and standing on the touchline you can feel the pressure on the players who are desperate to hold on to a lead. MORE

david silva


How to be creative with the basics

Being creative can be the winning difference for your team and make match days just that bit more special. Here are four ways to be creative with basic soccer skills that can give your team a winning edge: MORE


Three ways to react in transitions

Reacting to transitions is a vital ingredient in a successful team. The ideal you are aiming for is when a team regains possession it spreads out to create space, passing the ball quickly, then playing to a target player to score. MORE

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