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Team Management

Give your players a voice

Sometimes my young players make more sense than I do – and that makes me well aware that I shouldn’t always put a tactical side of the argument as a rule that cannot be broken, so I try not to. MORE

Arrival activities

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Arrival activities that work!

It was the first game of the season on Saturday and the local council had decided to close the main road leading to our club's ground. So the phone calls started coming in thick and fast: "Dave we are going to be late." MORE


Rondos: great fun, great learning

My go to activities when players have had been on the summer break are Rondos – and with this being one of the longest breaks from playing due to lockdown I am going to be using Rondos over the next few weeks to get players back up to speed. MORE

Return to play

Return to play: Circle passing

There are a number of places where the social distancing rules are not the same as here in England, and I've been asked for sessions that are non contact but not just 5 players so this ssession can be used with any number of players. MORE


Watch: Rondo 4+2 x 2

Filipe Ragel the Under 19 head coach of Marcet Academy in Barcelona shares a video of his team doing a 4+2 x 2 Rondo which shows the technical and tactical practice MORE

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Working with Rondos

I was asked by a coach this week about what a good warm up was for his U10 team. The answer that I gave him was to use Rondos. You can use them at any age group and they really work well to warm up players for training or matches and they don't involve much setting up. My favourites are the simple ones like 5v2 or a combination that works for your age group. MORE

Rondos passing


Line breaking passes

The key rondos passes can be used in tactical play during matches to play between the lines with the key play splitting lines of defence to create goalscoring runs MORE

Pre-match warm-up

Warm Ups

Pre-match warm-up

This session works on encouraging communication and good passing and getting players to drive into space and hit the target. MORE

Warm Ups feature

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How are you starting your coaching sessions?

I cannot second guess when we will all be out of this strange way of coaching with no opposed sessions but hopefully it will be fairly soon. To that end I continually remind myself that I will be going back to getting my players warmed up in a different way to how I am doing it at the moment. MORE

warm up sprinting

Warm Ups

Agility square

Get brains and muscles into gear with this quick warm-up for training. It works on movement, agility and vision. MORE

Small-Sided Games

Free your team mate - part 1

Small Sided Games

Free Your Team Mate

You can use this small sided game as a warm up or warm down – the winning team is the first to have all four players on the pitch and complete 6 consecutive passes. MORE


Develop players with Dutch 4v4

‘The Dutch 4v4’ is a small-sided game blueprint that has been at the heart of producing a vast array of talented individuals. It is the Dutch way to pick out problems during the match, create similar training models, and use them to develop the players. MORE

Possession game - part 1

Small Sided Games

Possession Game

Both teams must try to win and keep possession of the ball. A goal is awarded to the team that completes a certain number of passes (a minimum of 5 for younger players). The game is played for a set time period. MORE

How to coach quick counter attack drills- part 1 Practice plans

Flick the switch

If you can improve your team’s ability to quickly switch play from one side of the pitch to the other, the attacking options are far greater. MORE

Practice plans

Cunning corners

In professional soccer almost 50% of goals are scored from set pieces (corners and free kicks). So organisation and efficiency in set-piece attacking and defending is crucial to the success of your team. This session focuses on corners. MORE


Tight defence? Switch play

Breaking down a defence isn't always as simple as playing passes into the space behind – sometimes that space is on the other side of the pitch that your players can exploit. MORE


Possession and penetration

Here’s a session, divided into two parts, that benefits players in three core elements. At the heart of this is possession; but keeping the ball is only really useful if players know what to do with it, and that’s where patience and penetration come into play. MORE


Teach your players how to behave

One of our most important roles as coaches is teaching kids how to behave properly. But more often than not He or she just chooses to ignore bad behaviour. They may be afraid of the consequences of confrontation within the team and with the parents. Whatever the reason, this fear of addressing improper behaviour is doing us all a disservice. MORE


Turn possession into goals

I see a lot of statistics on the TV that often show the teams with the most possession don't always win games – you can have the ball as much as you want but if you are not doing something different then it's much easier for the defence to break the attack down. Keeping the ball is a small part of the game, you have to make use of it. MORE


Train the way you play

Creating a way for your team to play is an important part of your season plan. I like my teams to play a fast passing game, and I am pleased that my players like this style of play MORE


Tactics to survive late goals

Why is it that when your team has been cruising all game the last 10 minutes sees them lose shape, control and late goals? You can often be just a goal up and disaster strikes just when the final whistle is in sight. Pressure brings its own problems but there are things you can do to stop those late goals going in. MORE

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