Win the ball back

02/20/2019 | Defending

Delay from the front

When the ball is lost in attack, this shows forwards that they must immediately try to get the ball back by pressing high up the pitch. MORE

Dribble through the end line

02/19/2019 | Defending

Tackle and counter attack

This activity places players in a game environment where they are set up to win the ball back from the opposition and counterattack quickly to a waiting target. MORE


Forwards combine

09/10/2018 | Rondos

Combination Rondo

Midfielders who are looking to get the ball to an attacker need to create space to thread passes through, while target men need to learn to receive and control the ball. MORE

09/10/2018 | Rondos

Benefits of using Rondos for youth players

Rondos are vital to the training systems of some of the world’s top academies like Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Barcelona, and the success of Rondos for creating good team play has become increasingly popular for grassroots coaches to implement, partly due to their simplicity. MORE

Key Rondo passes

09/4/2018 | Email newsletters

5 great ways to use Rondos

Rondos are fantastic for training, for warm ups, for pre-season and to get players in the mood for working hard. They are directly related to the principles of play and link into systems of play – so 2v1 3v2 – and that works into practicing formations at all age groups. MORE

02/19/2019 | Email newsletters

Prepare to warm-up

Every piece of research I have read agrees that the pre-match warm-up plays a vital part in enhancing player performance and reducing the risk of injury. Try these warm-ups with your team MORE

01/16/2019 | Warm Ups


An easily organised warm up suitable for all ages and abilities that will improve communication, passing awareness and decision-making. MORE

reading the back line

01/15/2019 | Defending

Stop the attack

Get defenders to play like Vincent Kompany, whose clever positioning in seemingly irretrievable situations often leads to attacks breaking down. MORE

Small-Sided Games

Stop attacks

02/18/2019 | Defending

Repel all raiders

This game enables defenders to work on their communication and decision-making, helping them understand when they should press and when they should recover. MORE

Wing attack

02/13/2019 | Crossing

Crosses and rebounds

Use this session to encourage play on the wings and to improve the ability of your forwards to latch onto rebounds in a crowded penalty area. MORE

Different types of defending

02/12/2019 | Defending

Defending in twos

The four games in this activity provide players with opportunities to learn individual technique as well as visual cues that can help them decide when and where to provide cover. MORE

How to coach players to stop the forward press - part 1

02/16/2019 | Practice plans

Stop the forward pass

A defensive unit that can prevent opponents from making penetrating forward passes will stop goals. Teach your players to do this and their chances of winning games will increase. MORE

How to coach key midfielder drills- part 1

02/10/2019 | Practice plans

The middle men

Central midfielders are key to the development of all matches. Help your “middle men” influence the game by improving their movement and their ability to gain possession of the ball. MORE

How to coach coach the passing diamond drill - part 1

02/9/2019 | Practice plans

Passing diamond

Passing the ball at speed will improve your players’ skills in one of the most vital areas of the game – keeping possession. The “passing diamond” will help you teach variations which can be used to lethal effect on match day. MORE

01/29/2019 | Defending

Support worker

This training session is a great fun way of introducing and explaining the concepts of defensive pressure and support play to young players. MORE


Dribbling and crossing

Get your players to dribble with the ball, get past the defender and cross fantastic balls into the path of your strikers MORE


Set-pieces are the winning difference

Standing on the touchline not a week goes by without me hearing an opposition coach bemoan a poor throw-in or the loss of the ball from a weak goal-kick. Use these sessions so that doesn't happen to you MORE


Score more stunners

Goals from outside the box are always a spectacular way to hit the back of the net. It is often seen as a waste of possession but in youth soccer young goalkeepers will find it hard to keep out an accurate shot hit with power. MORE

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