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Challenge your players

Before the season begins you can work with your players and get them to do match specific challenges. Giving players problems to solve during training is a great way to get them to do it in matches. MORE

Go 1v1 against the keeper

08/17/2018 | Attacking

Double jeopardy

When players are through on goal, they must decide whether to shoot or take it around the keeper. To be able to make this decision players must practise both methods so they have the techniques required when the situation arises in matches. MORE


Real Madrid

08/14/2018 | Email newsletters

Small-sided games are great for pre-season

Small-sided games are a great way to give your players lots of touches of the ball and get them back on track for playing matches. Try these four small-sided games that work on different aspects of your players’ technique. A great tactic to practice in a small-sided game is counter-attacking after winning the ball at... MORE

Sergio Aguero training

08/6/2018 | Pre-season

Pre-season | Week 4: Stepping up

The last pre-season training session is all about stepping up and brushing up. You’re looking for the final pieces of the jigsaw to fit into place with your players, as they put into practice everything they’ve learnt so far. MORE

Academy players

08/2/2018 | Small Sided Games

6 great games for pre-season training

Turning up for friendly games, or for the first match of the season, needs planning. Do your players know where to play or what tactics you will use? Do they know if it’s 7v7 or 9v9? You need to get your players into the swing of match play again so playing appropriate games and activities... MORE

Turning to play forward

This exclusive session from Sean Dyche aims to encourage turning to open the opportunity to play forward rather than sending the ball sideways or backwards. Within this, it allows players to put the ball ‘at risk’. MORE

Deadly transitions

This session examines how we condition a player technically, tactically, physiologically and psychologically when attacking and defending transitions in a small-sided competition-based game. MORE

Position specific development

This exclusive session by Chris Hughton could be run on a weekly basis, or it could be linked to a tactical focus for an upcoming game. MORE

Small-Sided Games

Head the ball game

08/10/2018 | Heading

Header react

This is not only really good heading practice but at the coach’s call it turns into a small-sided game with lots of coaching points: heading technique, concentration, focus and quick passing. Check local rules for heading age groups MORE

High pressing game

08/6/2018 | Tactics

High press

This game is all about pressing high. It will help both individual roles and team movement when pressing opponents in their own half of the pitch, starting from their defensive third. MORE

Possession fun game

07/30/2018 | Small Sided Games

Keep ball, switch play

This session is a good example of a fun activity that works on a number of levels. You can use it for possession and switching play practice, while it also works the defenders who must move quickly between zones when the ball is passed. MORE

How to coach a break out - part 1

08/19/2018 | Practice plans

Break out

Test a range of attacking skills with this drill that requires your players to escape from a central area and keep their cool to beat the goalkeeper. MORE

How to coach gate control - part 1

08/13/2018 | Practice plans

Gate control

Players should be in the habit of using their first touch as a means of setting up the next pass (or shot or cross or dribble) and not just as a way of getting the ball under control. MORE

Goalkeeper movement

07/9/2018 | Goalkeeping

Goalkeeper work out

This fun pre-season training session for goalkeepers is based on one used by former Arsenal and Germany keeper Jens Lehmann MORE

Barcelona rondo

07/8/2018 | Warm Ups

Rondo decisions

This fun rondo game has everything your team needs for a good pre-season workout. It offers plenty of movement for your players and sharpens their control and technique too. MORE

08/9/2018 | Attacking


Good players can understand and play in a lot of different positions and formations. This session gives players a chance to see how overloads and changing numbers work in different positions. MORE

08/3/2018 | Tactics

Surprise tactics

Playing friendlies or early season cup games can pit your team against stronger opponents. This tactic can help your team to catch them unawares MORE

Fit for the season


Fit for the new season

Getting and staying fit for the first part of the new season is vital to a successful coaching strategy. If your players are not fit enough to play the way you want it is a pointless beginning to your campaign.  Here are 6 activities to help you. MORE

Tactics and formations


Planning for next season: tactics and formations

How is your team going to play next season? What tactics and which formation will you play so you can play to your team’s strengths? Pep Guardiola will pass past you and Jose Mourinho will hold you up – what style will your team have? Check out my four key tips for giving your team an identity in the way they play. MORE

Soccer trials


5 ways to assess playing ability before the season...

Whether you are putting together a new soccer team, getting in players to strengthen from last season, or the next-door neighbour is badgering you to let his child join the team, you need to be able to assess playing ability – it’s a big part of getting ready to start the new season. Start your... MORE

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