01/16/2019 | Warm Ups


An easily organised warm up suitable for all ages and abilities that will improve communication, passing awareness and decision-making. MORE

reading the back line

01/15/2019 | Defending

Stop the attack

Get defenders to play like Vincent Kompany, whose clever positioning in seemingly irretrievable situations often leads to attacks breaking down. MORE


Forwards combine

09/10/2018 | Rondos

Combination Rondo

Midfielders who are looking to get the ball to an attacker need to create space to thread passes through, while target men need to learn to receive and control the ball. MORE

09/10/2018 | Rondos

Benefits of using Rondos for youth players

Rondos are vital to the training systems of some of the world’s top academies like Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Barcelona, and the success of Rondos for creating good team play has become increasingly popular for grassroots coaches to implement, partly due to their simplicity. MORE

Key Rondo passes

09/4/2018 | Email newsletters

5 great ways to use Rondos

Rondos are fantastic for training, for warm ups, for pre-season and to get players in the mood for working hard. They are directly related to the principles of play and link into systems of play – so 2v1 3v2 – and that works into practicing formations at all age groups. MORE

12/31/2018 | Warm Ups

Cops and robbers

You can use this fun warm up to teach young players the basics of attacking and defending. Awareness of where players are and the ability to control, pass and stop the ball can all be coached with this drill. MORE

12/27/2018 | Warm Ups

Dribbling gates

I was asked at training last week: “How do you warm a striker up?” The answer has to be: “The same as everyone else.” A striker has to control, pass and run with the ball. They will not be shooting the whole time, indeed they may only shoot once or twice in a game. I... MORE

Passing and receiving

12/7/2018 | Warm Ups

Pass to the open player

This training warm up helps to create a passing team capable of playing up the pitch at speed. It is easy to set up and excellent for fast feet, with players not only having to think but look to see where the spare man is. MORE

Small-Sided Games

01/7/2019 | Shooting

Explosive squares

This game encourages supporting and movement off the ball as well as making sure players learn how to deal with the basics of passing and receiving. After making a pass you will often see players standing still and admiring their work, you will also see players struggling to create good supporting angles for the player with the ball. MORE

Create goals

12/21/2018 | Attacking

Create in possession

This session improves attacking players in key skill areas – namely in pre-movement (dynamic and elusive), penetration (with and without the ball), link-up play, plus the ability to focus on positive outcome MORE

How to coach slide passes- part 1

01/14/2019 | Practice plans


The ability to slide passes behind the opponent’s defence will unlock the line and create goalscoring opportunities for your team. Teach your players the skills to create these chances with this session. MORE

How to coach blocks - part 1

01/13/2019 | Practice plans

Building blocks

Learning how to block tackle correctly will not only help your players’ chances of winning the ball back, but also ensure they don’t injure themselves or the player they’re tackling. MORE

01/11/2019 | Defending

Defending in midfield

Use this game to teach your players to be strong midfielders who can win the battles in midfield and get the ball into attackers, stopping the opposition in their tracks and hitting teams quickly on the break. MORE

12/24/2018 | Defending

Do it yourself

This session helps you coach players to understand that they have to stay close and not let opponents get free or they will give the game away. MORE

12/19/2018 | Defending

Central line

This is a fast game that encourages players to use skill in defence and shows defenders how they can start attacks. MORE

12/18/2018 | Formations

9v9 formations: 2-1-2-1-2

With more teams playing 9v9 at Under 11 and Under 12, we take a look at the formations your side could play for this team size. This week we look at 2-1-2-1-2 MORE


Communicate on the pitch

The best teams communicate on the pitch. Players encourage one another, call for the ball, organise the defence and look around them to see who is open to the pass.  Communication is the key to making your team more successful. Here are four ways to help your players communicate better. Start by giving your players... MORE

Dealing with parents


Use the break to recharge your season

With teams facing a seasonal break before the second half of the season kicks off it is a great time to assess where you are and get back on the front foot for the big push up to the end of the season. MORE

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