07/15/2019 | Blog

I didn’t expect that!

Turning up with a full squad when the opposition don't have enough players and what happens to a visiting coach when one of his players does something he hasn't planned on. MORE

07/14/2019 | Attacking

Ultimate player battles

This session sets up play for players to use a skill but with a get out if they make a mistake. Players need to have get outs so they can try to do the skill without fear. MORE


03/22/2019 | Rondos

Pressing rondo

If you want to improve your team’s defensive performance, use this activity to teach players when to press and when to hold, so they can control play even if they don’t have possession. MORE

03/8/2019 | Warm Ups

Triangle keep ball

This is a simple 5v2 keep away game made harder by having a triangle in the middle which the two defenders must protect or stay in the middle longer MORE

06/21/2019 | Warm Ups

Foot soldiers

This simple unopposed warm-up is easy to set up and is perfect to get players in the mood for training or to get their feet moving before a match MORE

05/27/2019 | Arrival activities

Passing pairs

Straight from the Fulham Academy training ground, this arrival activity will help develop your team’s ability to use both feet and to pass accurately. MORE

Small-Sided Games

07/7/2019 | Attacking

All out attack

If you want to score more goals when playing at home, use this training session to teach your players how to attack all-out. This session is all about copying the attacking style of Manchester City MORE

06/12/2019 | Attacking

Alex Morgan: key skills

When you watch an attacker like Alex Morgan of the US Women’s National Team you know how hard she has to work in training to be that good on match days. So good she can score five goals in a World Cup game. MORE

How to coach defending under pressure drills- part 1

07/12/2019 | Practice plans

Hold the line

It is the last minute of a cup final and your team is 1-0 up. The opposition is firing long balls and crosses into your penalty area. Can your team remain calm and clear the danger? MORE

How to coach players to keep the ball on the deck - part 1

07/12/2019 | Practice plans

Keep it on the deck

Retaining possession of the ball by passing it along the ground in all areas of the pitch requires courage and good technique, but as Spain has proved in recent tournaments, it can be a blueprint for success. MORE

How to coach attackers to shoot - part 1

07/5/2019 | Practice plans

Hot shots

Your attackers will have a better chance of beating the opposition goalkeeper if they strike the ball first time. A goalkeeper or defence is less likely to be ready to deal with such a shot and this could result in more goals for your team. MORE

06/28/2019 | Set pieces

Throw-in frenzy

Use this fun training session to encourage your players to take quick throw-ins in order to catch your opponents off guard and create scoring chances MORE

06/20/2019 | Attacking

Switch on

Use this session to encourage your team to switch play in order to keep the opposition defenders unbalanced and to create attacking opportunities MORE

06/19/2019 | Attacking

Find the gap

When a gap opens up on the other side of the opposition defence, how quickly can your team switch play to create a scoring chance? Use this session to teach players how to do it. MORE

06/18/2019 | Defending

Secure the box

This session helps defenders understand the importance of marking tightly in the penalty area and not losing their man. MORE


How to develop individuals

Using questions and giving challenges is an important part of your coaching style and can have an impact on player learning and understanding of your coaching sessions. When you use questions make sure you don’t immediately tell the answer or if it is a question to the group don’t always pick the player who puts... MORE


Small-sided games are great for summer training

In the quiet times between seasons I get my players together once a week and we play different small-sided games to keep the players up to speed with their skills. It leads nicely into pre-season training. MORE

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