Corner kick (U7-U14 activity)


Corner kick


“Place the ball near the corner” • “Kick towards the penalty area”

Use one end of your usual pitch. This activity is purely to practise kicking the ball from the corner into the penalty area.

Get your players to take turns crossing the ball in from the corner. Put an opposing player 5 yards from the corner so that the kicker has to think about getting the ball over or past him and into the area.

Show players the technique of putting the standing leg just behind the ball and leaning back slightly as they kick with the instep of the foot. They may not be able to get the ball very high off the ground at first, but teaching the technique is vital to their development.

Get all your players to practise taking corner kicks. Get them to try from either side of the goal.

How many players do I need?

Get all your players to have a go.

Laws of soccer

Corner kick
The ball is placed inside the corner arc – or touching one of the lines – at the corner nearest to where the ball went out.
The corner flag post cannot be moved.
Opponents must be 5 yards from the corner flag until the ball is in play.
The ball is kicked by a player of the attacking team.

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