Dribble forward and shoot inside the penalty area (U8 game)


Dribble forward and shoot inside the penalty area


“Touch the ball three times when moving forward” • “Keep the ball close in front of you” • “Shoot for accuracy not power”

Set up a small goal and put a three cone double gate 3 yards from the goal. Put a single cone and number of balls another 3 yards on.

The players start by the goal and take it in turns to run through one side of the gate, select a ball and dribble back to the middle, then shoot at the goal from the other side of the gate.

Once the player has shot into the goal, or missed, they go and stand behind the single cone. Accuracy over speed wins the game – I don’t think the players will need too much telling to try and move quickly!

Call out to remind players what you want to see when they are taking part in the game “touch the ball three times”, “keep the ball in front of you”, “shoot for accuracy not power”.

Set up two or three sets of goals and cones and get teams racing against each other.

How many players do I need?

You need to split your players into teams of two to four, so they can race against each other.

Game play

This game has two skills to look out for – dribbling and shooting.
Concentrate on getting the ball into the goal.
Keep an eye out on the players who do everything correctly and those who will win at all costs.

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