Dribble the ball and turn with it (U12 activity)


Dribble the ball and turn with it


“Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Look up to see where the cone is” • “Look up often as you dribble” • “Turn around the cone using the outside/inside of your foot”

Set up a 20 x 20 yards area split into two equal zones with goals on the sides. You need a team of four players on one side of each zone and a cone on the other side.

Players must run the full width of the area and go around the cone using inside or outside cuts.

Once the turn has been completed, the player dribbles towards the centre of the zone and shoots at goal. Look for good dribbling and accurate shooting.

As soon as the ball hits the net the next player goes. The teams race against each other – the first team to score with all four balls wins.

Players must control the ball properly as they complete the turn using an inside or outside cut – you can penalize poor technique by sending the player back to the start.

How many players do I need?

Eight players took part in this activity, but you could adjust the numbers in each team.

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