Goal kick (U7-U8 game)


Goal kick


“Place the ball on the forward edge of the goal area” • “Kick the ball away from goal towards a team mate”

Mark out a 20 x 15 yards area with a goal at each end. Play a 5v5 game.

The game starts with a kick from one of the goalkeepers. He puts the ball down in front of goal and kicks out as if from the edge of the penalty area.

Continue play after the goal kick so the players understand this is what they are working towards in a match.

Every time the ball goes out of play the game is restarted with a goal kick.

This is all about practising goal kicks in a match relevant situation, so make sure all the rules about opponents being in the other half of the pitch are applied with each goal kick.

How many players do I need?

We played a 5v5 for this game and used 10 players with no subs.

Game play

Timing is key to the goal kicks.
Be positive.
Praise players for good attempts.

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