Playing as a sweeper (U11-14 game)


Playing as a sweeper


“Concentrate on where the ball is” • “Move to intercept passes” • “Run with the ball if there is space” • “Recover to block long passes”

Set up a 35 x 20 yards area with 10-yard zones at each end and a 15-yard centre zone. Play 3v3, with goalkeepers in the end zones and two players from each team in the centre zone.

Play starts and restarts with the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper brings the ball out, spots a team mate in space and plays a quick pass.

After making the initial pass, the goalkeeper can move into the centre zone while his team has possession, to play a 3v2. If his team loses possession he must return to the end zone.

Players can only go into the goalkeeper zones when their team has possession Here the red keeper intercepts the white team’s attack, enabling him to set up a counter-attack before the white keeper can get back to his goal.

This is a great way to integrate your goalkeepers into a session, so they are involved with the attacks, but they also have to be quick to recover if they lose possession. It’s a fast game so rest players often.

How many players do I need?

We used six players in this game.

Game play

React to the position of the ball.
Quick play from interceptions.
Remember first and foremost

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