Receive and control the ball (U9 game)


Receive and control the ball


“Call for the ball” • “Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Use the inside of the foot to cushion and stop the ball or use part of your body”

Set up a 15 x 10 yards area split into three 5 x 10 yards zones. Put two players in each end zone with two blocking players in the centre zone.

Give the ball to one of the end pairs. They must pass the ball to each other then pass through the middle to the other end zone within three passes.

The players with the ball should try to move the ball quickly between themselves so that the middle pair aren’t sure where the long pass is going to come from. The number of passes can be changed – the lower the number the harder it is to split the middle pair.

If the centre players win the ball they just put it out of play and swap places with the pair that lost it.

Accuracy of the pass is the main thing to look for. Remind players to look where the pass is going and to pass with the inside of the foot.

How many players do I need?

This game uses six players but different numbers will work (3v3v3 etc).

Game play

Players concentrate on accuracy of passing and receiving.
The blocking players add to the fun of the game.
Accuracy of the passing is a key element.

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