10 things to work on in training

I can’t wait to get back to training and after a coaches meeting at our club last night even though things are very uncertain we are all gearing ourselves up for that moment when we are given the green light.

So let’s think about what we can do and what we can think about once the young players have got that initial joy at being released back onto the soccer world. I’ve made a list of 10 things to think about for the first few weeks.

I like my teams to keep possession and move forward quickly building from the back. Everything should be done at speed so training session must be focused on that scenario.

For a possession-based game players need to be competent with ball control and decision making. Poor first touch or taking the wrong decision to dribble or pass will result in losing the ball. Many coaches start out developing a possession game, but they are tested when a turnover in their defensive third becomes costly.

When this happens, players need to be encouraged to stay the course, they need to adapt to this style of play for their own development. When possession is the focus in the youth system, players become superior in ball control, composure, and decision-making in their later years.

Practice is vital but always remember – a possession-based game will bear fruit even if at first winning takes a back seat.

10 things to work on in training

1. One and two touch
2. Keep the game simple
3. Keep the ball on the ground
4. Accuracy and quality of the pass
5. First touch into space
6. Perception and Awareness
7. 1v1 situations
8. Individual Transition
9. Shooting
10. Be prepared to take risks

Try these sessions to help you cover the points:

Zonal keep ball gives attackers many opportunities to pass and receive the ball in a ‘live’ situation – great for working on technique and problem solving in a fun, quick-paced environment.

If you want your players to work on passing and receiving under pressure use Six-ball possession. Players learn to play away from pressure and to battle to keep possession. Extra pressure due to the clock. Transitions are quick and players are put in game like pressure scenarios.

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