Six tips for women coaching boys

Casey Stoney has won over 100 England caps and captained Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics. A qualified coach, she offers her tips for women who want to coach boys.

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It’s sad to say in the 21st century, but female coaches will still come up against prejudiced attitudes from time to time. I know some women who coach men in centres of excellence and in some cases, unfortunately, they have experienced sexism. You have to be strong and you can’t let old fashioned views deter you as a coach. Good coaches are good coaches, it’s as simple as that.

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At a young age, I don’t think you need to tailor coaching differently, whether you are working with girls or boys. They are young footballers and gender doesn’t come in to it. The crucial thing to bear in mind is their age. For children you have to be a lot more encouraging, a lot more patient and you have to allow for a lot more mistakes. When they get older you can be more demanding.

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Casey Stoney

Casey Stoney coaching

Being a female coach doesn’t mean you know any less about the game than a male coach, though sadly you probably have to prove that more often. The old adage is probably true that if you treat your players as equals, eventually you will be treated as an equal yourself as a coach. I’d hope that within football, one day equality will come totally as standard, for coaches and players.

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I don’t think we should have an integrated sport with men and women playing together as there are physical differences that mean in the same way that you wouldn’t have a man running against a woman in the 100m, then nor would you have men playing against women in football. Take a step back on the training field and don’t get involved in playing as some coaches would.

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Whether you are involved in coaching boys of girls, women coaches who strive to be the best will want to get their coaching badges. I’ve got up to my level 3 coaching badge. I’ve been doing my FA Youth Module 1 and 2 and need to do my Module 3 that I missed because of playing commitments. I want to go on to do my A Licence but it probably won’t be until I hang my boots.

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The key message for anyone involved in football coaching is to have fun. Whether you are coaching men or women, girls or boys, do so with a smile on your face because you are part of a great sport. Football has the power to change lives and more women coaching in the male game gives the opportunity to build positive messages about what they

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