Defend an outswinging corner

Here’s a set-up I have used for defending a right-footed outswinging corner, with each player being afforded a defined role. If defenders are successful in repelling the threat, they can look to break forward and score in either of the two goals positioned on the halfway line.

How to play it

One of the most effective methods for preparing set plays is to use a half-pitch and an 11v11 game situation, with balls placed around the periphery of the pitch to ensure quick restarts. Targets and conditions will apply to the game to maintain realism and a form of competitiveness, with the coach setting scenarios in different areas of the pitch, forcing the team to defend a variety of situations that we would expect to be presented to them on match day. Players are organised into the proposed starting XI for a forthcoming match with the opposition set up to reflect those opponents in the best possible way. We will award attacking set plays (corners, free kicks, throw-ins) to the opponents every 20- 30secs in order to test defending proficiency. Set plays are performed and free play continues thereafter until the next organised stoppage.

    1. Player 6 patrols the opposition player designed to ‘sit on’ the keeper

      2. Player 7 is alert to the threat of a short corner, and advances out with the opposition player and his marker

        3. Players 8 and 11 look to pick up late runners and defend the edge of the 18-yard box

          4. Players 3, 4, 5 and 9 defend key attacking players in front of goal

            5. Player 2 covers the space on the edge of the six-yard box

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