Soccer Dribbling Drills

The dribbling soccer drills on this page aim to help you coach your players in running with the ball at their feet, beating players with their skill and pace. This is a core soccer skill and we look at the fine details of the techniques required to dribble like Messi or Gareth Bale. We have games and exercises to help your players become master dribblers.




    • Soccer drills to teach circle turns – Run rings around your opposition by giving your junior players skills in using circle turns. Use the soccer following drills to boost your players’ skills.


    • Kids soccer dribbling drills – Kids soccer dribbling drills are important to incorporate in your training sessions so your players get a proper grounding in soccer technique that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


    • Coach the perfect nutmeg – Encourage your players to go through a defender using a nutmeg move, instead of going around them.


    • Soccer drill to coach drag back skills – When your players find themselves on the pitch surrounded by other players, with not a lot of room to move, they need to use their soccer skills to drag back on the ball.



    • Soccer drill to speed up reactions – Getting players reacting to situations is an important part of your soccer coaching plans. Try this soccer drill to get your players reacting to the ball in attacking positions.


    • Small sided game to sharpen decision making skills – This is a great small-sided game, which gives your players the option of dribbling or passing to score a point. In matches your players will have to make choices between running with the ball or passing it, so use these soccer coaching tips to sharpen decision-making skills.


    • Use a quick one two soccer drill instead of dribbling – It can be frustrating for you and your team when one player, who may be very good at dribbling, will not take the opportunity to pass past a player with a quick one-two and keeps losing the ball to a strong defender. Use the following soccer drill to coach more options when players are running with the ball.



    • Dribbling skills soccer drill with defender element – Young players are always keen to get the ball and run with it. When players arrive at my soccer training sessions and they see an open field in front of them, full of balls, off they go running and dribbling. Use this soccer drill to harness that enthusiasm but add defenders to make the drill more of a challenge.


    • Dribbling skills drill in a square – Younger players often just need to run around a square, keeping the ball close to their feet without any tackling. Use these soccer drills to get your youngsters used to having the ball so they’re not just fly-kicking it up the pitch in any direction.


    • Soccer drill to get attackers showing a disguise – Use the following soccer drill and coaching tips to help your players develop the ability to show a disguise when in attacking positions. This is a great training session for all ages and abilities.



    • Soccer coaching tips to work up dribbling skills – Some young soccer players are naturally gifted when it comes to running and dribbling the ball, but for every naturally gifted player there are hundreds who need to be shown the techniques and practise them repeatedly.


    • Wide pitch soccer drill to work on dribbling skills – One of the things about dribblers is that they need a bit of space to get the ball, and that is often on the wing. When you want a match-like soccer training session that forces the ball wide to your dribbling wingers, set up a small-sided game but change the elements.


    • Soccer coaching tips on when to dribble – Many soccer coaches believe there is a place for dribbling, which is in the attacking third of the pitch. Lose the ball here and the risk of the opposition creating a goal-scoring opportunity is reduced. I agree, but if one of your wingers runs out of defence with the ball, he is creating options all over the pitch not just in the attacking areas.


    • Shielding the ball under pressure – This soccer drill initially focuses on individual skills such as dribbling, shooting and 1v1 attack and defend. You want to see good technique throughout this soccer coaching session and you should point out any technical errors to your players as you proceed.




    • Dribbling at speed soccer drill – When your players win the ball off the opposition in midfield and pass it quickly they must be able to dribble at speed towards the opposition goal to take advantage of the turnover. Use this football dribbling drill to help.


    • Football drill to coach Matthews dribbling move – Changing direction to wrong foot and beat defenders is a basic football skill, which will make your players more accomplished when they run with the ball. Your players’ dribbling skills and close ball control will benefit enormously if you coach simple skills with the help of drills such as this Matthews move drill.


    • Soccer dribbling technique – This drill session looks at players’ soccer title=”Dribbling drills and skills” href=”–Drills-Dribbling-drills“>dribbling technique with the ball when they change direction at speed. The aim of the drill is to get the players keeping the ball under close control as they move.





    • Soccer dribbling drills and tips – Here is a selection of the best soccer dribbling drills to help your players run with the ball. Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on training techniques to improve dribbling skills.







    • Dribble and avoid the pass – Arrange your players into two teams. One team acts as the dribblers and works in the centre of the area – each player has a ball. Give the other team three balls and spread them around the dribblers. These players are the passers.


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