Close attacking passes

Often in crowded areas of the pitch teams lose the ball by trying to hold on to it or with misplaced passes. Short passing in areas like the penalty area is key to keeping the ball and creating space for the goal scorers.

Set up

You can use the penalty area of your normal pitch or create a space 44 x 18 yards. Use cones to create a 6×6 yard box in the area. You need 6 players, cones, bibs, balls and a goal.


Split your players into three attackers and one defender in the 6 x 6 box who cannot leave until a pass is created for a player to run on to. Three passes must be made by the attacking team then one attacker can leave the box and run at goal and shoot. Change player roles every 5 balls.


Players need to think and move quickly with short, sharp passing to create the space to release an attacker on goal

1. Play from the server with a ball into the attackers
2. The defending player must press to stop the passing moves

3. Three passes are needed before one attacker can leave the box and attack the goal

4. The defender must try to get out and move quicker than the attacker once they have been released

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