Find the gap

When a gap opens up on the other side of the opposition defence, how quickly can your team switch play to create a scoring chance? Use this session to teach players how to do it. This session helps players learn how to open up the opposition when they are out of balance by moving the ball quickly to attack down their weakest side.

Set up

Use an area of 40×30 yards. Mark out four goals, with two at each end of the pitch just outside the playing area. We’ve used 12 players in this session, including two goalkeepers. You will need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

Split the players into two teams of six, including goalkeepers. Set your teams up in different formation– one plays as a 2-2-1 and the other plays a 3-1-1. Play a normal game.


This is a great session to help work on the awareness skills of your players. It gives them confidence and there are decisions to be made to control the quickness of switching play in order to score. It also works on their ability to see passes that will benefit the team. Because there are two goals to aim at, switching play is the best way to move from one goal to the other.

    1. The session starts with a pass out from one of the goalkeepers. He has two goals to cover
    2. Players must use the space to dribble or pass so that the opposition move towards one of the goals

    3. Here the move is covered by the goalkeeper but a quick switch to the other goal pays dividends
    4. Player movement is vital to the session and both goals must be covered by the attackers to allow the switch

    5. The opposition have been sucked in by the pass from midfield but the attacker sees an opportunity to hit a ball across the pitch to exploit the space
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