Get centrebacks scoring

This is a fast, technical game that forces central defenders to support the attack and get themselves on the score sheet. It also shows them how hard they have to work to get back to defend if the ball is lost.

Set up

Set up an area of 50×40 yards with a normal goal at one end and two target goals at the other. We’ve used 14 players. You will need bibs, balls and cones.

How to play

Play a team of six against a team of five plus a goalkeeper, with two wide players that either team can use. The team of six has three central defenders and the team of five has two central defenders who are the only players on the team that can score – but they must play in a tactical role as defenders.


This is a good work-out to teach defensive responsibilities when in attack. Attacking defenders can be the winning difference in teams because often the opposition will fail to pick them up in open play. There are different targets at each end of the pitch that will test the goal scoring prowess of your players.

1. The formation for this team is a goalkeeper with a back four where the two central players are the only players who can score – put them in different coloured bibs
2. The team defending the two target goals play two banks of three, with the three at the back the only players who can score – put them in different coloured bibs

3. Here the ball is played out wide and two of the red defenders decide to support the play leaving one to cover at the back. A good cross is needed to give a goal scoring chance
4. The movement of the front three should create some space for the defenders to move into
5. When a team wins the ball on the counterattack, the defenders must move quickly out of defensive positions into the attack

6. Here the two white players who can score should split between the two goals to exploit the space left by the recovering red defenders. They should use a one-touch shot to quickly use any space they have

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