Quick attacking pair

This is about your front two hunting down the ball, winning it and attacking together. It’s great for encouraging attackers to develop a relationship so communication is effective and scoring chances are increased.

Set up

Use an area of 25×20 yards split in two with a goal and a keeper in one half. We’ve used nine players.

How to play it

Split your group so the two attackers start playing against four opponents in one half of the pitch with two defenders in the other half. The team of four are playing one-touch keepball. The attackers must press to win the ball and then attack the two defenders and take a shot on goal. If the ball goes out in the first phase, give the attackers the ball on the halfway line and get them to attack from there. Make sure you change attackers every four attacks and see which pair is the most successful.


The pairs of attackers must take advantage of winning the ball quickly before they can be closed down and forced wide by the two defenders. This session gives the pairs a really good workout in both a physical and technical sense.

    1. Play starts with the four players in a 4v2 overload passing the ball around
    2. The attackers must press the team of four and communicate to each other about where and when. They should easily win the ball

    3. The defending pair must be on their toes ready for the counterattack
    4. The attacking pair have the advantage if they can catch the defenders on the back foot

    5. Here the attackers combine by pulling the defenders apart and exploiting the space in the middle
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