Defend the lines

Anticipate the ball being played through the lines and intercept passes by blocking passing routes. Players will also need to be able to tackle and win the ball

Set up

This session takes place in a 25 x10 yard area that has a 5 yard channel in the centre and cones five yards on each side. You will need six players, bibs, balls and cones.

How to play it

Split your players into four possession players (two at each end) and one defending player plus a server. Players are locked to the zones. Server plays ball to one of the pairs – they keep the ball and must pass across the middle zone from behind the cones making sure the pressing player doesn’t get the ball. Players must stay in their zones, with two in each end zone and one in the centre. The passing players are two-touch.
If the pressing players wins the ball the server plays a new one in. Progress the session by getting the server and the pressing player to attack one end to try to score between the cones. If they fail or lose the ball, the defending team takes their place and attacks the other end.


A fairly easy session for the passing players but hard work for the pressing player so swap out regularly. Good in the progression to get players to attack in twos.

1. Server starts with a pass to one of the pairs, who link up and pass to the opposite pair
2. When they pass the ball the players must be behind the 5 yard cones

3. The defender in the centre tries to intercept the pass
4. If the session is running slowly limit the end zone players to two or three passes

5. Now make the cones into goals at each end and get the server to link up with the defending player and attack one end then attack the other

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