How to coach defensive priority drills- part 1

Defending priorities

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When your opponent has the ball it is vital to focus on prioritising areas of danger in your defence. Once these areas have been identified, your team needs to keep the ball away from them. MORE

How to coach interceptions -part 1

Cut it out

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Teach your players the art of intercepting or “stealing” the ball – like Real Madrid centre back Ricardo Carvalho or Manchester United’s midfielder Michael Carrick – with this session. MORE

How to win the ball back quickly - part 1

Win the ball back quickly

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Pressing the opposition to win back the ball when possession is lost requires teamwork, concentration and hard work. It’s a tactic Barcelona have used in recent years and, if it’s good enough for arguably the greatest club side ever, then it’s good enough for most teams. MORE

U11 block passing routes activity - part 1

Block passing routes (U11 game)

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The aim of this game is for one team to keep the ball for as long as possible while the other team blocks passing routes. Players must remember that they have to pass the ball to a team mate within their own zone before passing into the end zone. MORE

zonal defending

Defend together

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Once your players understand the concept of zonal defending, this game allows you to put the system into context playing a game with lots of corners MORE

How to coach defenders to block shots with their body - part 1

Defending shots with body blocks

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The attacker is inside the penalty box and poised to shoot, but the defender isn’t close enough to make a tackle. That leaves one option for the defender: to block the shot by throwing their body between the ball and the goal. MORE

Pressure opponents

Full team pressure

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If you haven’t got the ball you won’t be able to win, so this game teaches teams how to move together to press the opposition all over the pitch and force a mistake that wins the ball. MORE

How to coach defending drills- part 1


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This session is designed to improve the ability to defend in various game situations. The practices develop from 1v1 through to 3v3 and team defending. MORE

How to coach back four defence drills-part 1

Defending as a back four

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This session is designed to improve the individual players within your defence and the defence as a unit. The practices cover key aspects such as pressuring techniques, cover and support positions and the shape of the defence in relation to the ball. MORE

Defending in small groups

Prepare to defend in small groups

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If you want to start the new season well and win more games, the importance of defending cannot be stressed enough. Tell your players that without the ball they are not going to have the chance to score, so they need to think about how they are going to get it back first – and that means good defensive play. MORE

5 tips for defending the long ball

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The long ball over the top of the defence can be difficult to defend against in youth soccer, so I’ve put together five drills and activities to help you coach defending against teams that play long ball tactics… One of the best ways to stop long balls is to get strikers to press high up... MORE

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