The Conductor

If you want your players to learn how to win back the ball and retain possession, just follow the instructions of the ‘Conductor’.

Why use it

Players can get great experience by analysing a game as it is being played. This is a simple defence game – if players can work out the best positions for defenders to be in to stop attacks, it will help them when they are in that situation in matches.

Set up

This is a 3v3 game but each team should also have a defensive ‘Conductor’ to shout instructions. Create a playing area of 30×20 yards and place the conductors in a five-yard zone at each end. You need balls, bibs and cones.

The conductor

How to play

While it’s the players who must stop the opposition getting to the end zone, the Conductors are in charge of the defensive tactics and use just verbal communication to direct team-mates. If players succeed in getting into the end zone a point is awarded to the attacking team and play is restarted with a pass from the end zone to a team-mate attacking the opposite end.


The Conductors will learn a lot by watching and controlling their teammates. The Conductor must provide verbal support with instructions such as: “get tight”, “someone support”, “get goal side”, “show inside” etc.

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