Soccer dribbling drills

The dribbling soccer drills on this page aim to help you coach your players in running with the ball at their feet, beating players with their skill and pace. This is a core soccer skill and we look at the fine details of the techniques required to dribble like Messi or Gareth Bale. We have games and exercises to help your players become master dribblers.

Bees and wasps

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This fun session gives players an understanding of how to defend and develop team communication. It also works on dribbling, and it encourages awareness of space and helps players to see what’s around them by keeping their heads up. MORE

How to coach attackers to beat the defender - part 1

Beat the defender

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By practising taking on a defender, not only will players acquire basic dribbling skills, they’ll also learn they won’t be successful with every attempt, which is an important step towards giving them the confidence to try things in a match while removing the fear of failure. MORE

Beat two and score - part 1

Beat two and score

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Beat two and score is a dream practice for players who love to show off their skill and dribbling ability. Players must compete to dribble outside the opponent’s end line and into a second 1v1 situation where a quick change of direction can give them the opportunity to shoot. MORE

The dribbler

The dribbler

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Fans around the world love players like Messi and Ronaldo who can dribble and go past their opponent. Players like this who demonstrate skill and quick changes of direction are so exciting to watch and have soccer fans on the edge of their seats as they go past one, two and three defenders to score. MORE

Two goal game - part 1

Two Goal Game

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Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Two teams of four players Two keepers No offside If the ball leaves play, you have a few re-start options: The coach passes a new ball onto the pitch The players take a roll in The players take a... MORE

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