King of the Ring

The Rules

The fighters begin by dribbling around inside the ring in any direction.

Keeping their own ball under close control they must try to knock another fighter’s ball out of the ring.

To be successful fighters must decide who to attack and use defensive skills to knock their ball out, while being aware that they might be attacked from a different angle.

Once a fighter’s ball has been knocked out they are out of the fight and must not touch another fighter’s ball.

Any fighter who has been knocked out should collect their ball and walk around the outside of the ring with it so you can clearly see who is in and who is out.

When down to the final 2 or 3 fighters introduce a time limit to encourage them to win.

If there is no winner before the time is up everyone can rejoin and start again.

Main Objectives

Close control, turning, tackling, defending, decision making.

Set Up

Area: 30×30 yard square
Players: 12
Equipment: 12 balls

King of the Ring soccer drill for 5-8 year olds - part 1

Use the whole of the ring like a boxer.


King of the Ring soccer drill for 5-8 year olds - part 3

Who will be crowned King of the Ring?


King of the Ring soccer drill for 5-8 year olds - part 2

Try not to get knocked out.

What To Call Out

“Let battle commence” “Keep your ball close” “Head up”


Encourage tactics. For example, fighters might pair up early on, placing their balls in the corner and go on the attack to knock out other fighters.

The game could be played as a tag team game with one half of the pair starting inside the ring and able to tag out if they are tired or under pressure.


Make sure that fighters stay on their feet and do not slide tackle at this young age. If any fighter slides they are out on a technical knockout.

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