Safety Box

The Rules

Play even teams. Use a floating neutral player if needed. Four neutral players who cannot be tackled stay in their boxes and play for the team in possession.

The keeper starts the game by serving the ball to a team mate who can play to either neutral player in the full back position.

The receiver can then play the ball back infield or directly down the line/channel to a neutral player in the forward position who looks to deliver an effective cross/pass.

The keeper can pass direct to a neutral full back.


Encourages use of wide defenders and width in attack to get the ball forward and deliver crosses.

Key Skills

Good passing into the box, first touch with head up, and good technique and decision on delivery.

Set Up

Area: 70×50 yards pitch 10×20 yard box in each corner
Players: 16 (5v5 plus 4 neutrals and 2 keepers)
Equipment: Two goals, cones, balls

Pass-Run-Ground Covered-Dribble

Safety Box Drill for 12 to 15 Year Olds- part 1

The team in possession (red) can play to any
neutral player to aid delivery of the ball upfield.


Safety Box Drill for 12 to 15 Year Olds- part 2

Limit neutral players in the box to two touches to make the game more difficult.


Safety Box Drill for 12 to 15 Year Olds- part 3

If a ball starts in one defender’s box insist it
reaches the diagonal box before final delivery.

What To Call Out

“Go wide”
“Play forward”


  • Limit players in the box to two touches.
  • If a ball starts in the left defender’s box, for example, insist that it must reach the opposite diagonal box before the final delivery. This encourages switch play and diagonal passes.


Use smaller or bigger boxes depending on players’ ability.

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