Give goalkeepers confidence

This goalkeeper warm up is all about reacting to balls played close to the keeper and getting them to take ownership of the ball. The goalkeeper can make a huge difference to a team, with a confident player who can clear the ball taking the pressure off defenders.

Set up

You need balls and cones in a 10 x 5-yard area, with cones as shown. A server stands six yards away from the central cone. We have used three keepers and a server.

How to do it

Line three keepers on one side. One player pushes off and moves sideways quickly in a crouching position to pick up (or clear with feet) a volley from the server. The server can hold the ball and kick that way for accuracy. The serve must be gentle at first, working up to a hard kick.
The keepers go in turn. Next, the keeper starts on the back cone, goes forward to the front cone and then sideways to catch or clear a shot. Next, they start at the side cone, move to the back and then to the front before catching or clearing. Then the keepers go to the other side and do the same sequence. Give three points for a catch and one point for a clearance.


Keepers should move quickly and get their bodies behind the ball to catch or clear. A crouching position should be kept at all times. Players should move sideways to always face the front.

Keeper save volleys

    1. The three goalkeepers take it in turns to move sideways to the centre, keeping their faces turned to the server
    2. The keeper must save the volley from the server – here they save with their feet scoring one point

Save the ball

    3. Now the keepers go from the back cone to the front cone before moving sideways into the centre.
    4. Here the keeper saves and keeps hold of the ball to score two points

Play like Courtois

    5. The final move sees the keepers going from the side cone to the back cone and then to the front cone before saving the serve
    6. Now the keepers move to the opposite side and complete the three different moves from that side
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