Long passing soccer drill

It’s important to be able to pass the ball over long distances because it’s often the quickest way to exploit the space behind a defence, or the fastest method of switching the point of attack. Use this drill to build your players’ long passing skills.
Tips for long-passing technique:

  • Angled approach.
  • Lean back slightly.
  • Strike with the laces.
  • Strike bottom half of the ball and a vertical line that bisects it.
  • Firm ankle, extend the kicking foot.
  • Sweep through and across the ball.
  • Non-kicking foot diagonally behind the ball but not immediately next to it.
  • Head steady.

In this drill, the players stand in two lines at opposite ends and take it in turns to hit lofted passes to the opposite side of the playing area.

drill to get players kicking lofted passes to far side of area

Drill set up

Put one player in each of the middle two zones. The player at the end sidefoots a pass along the ground to the centre of the playing area, where the nearest player returns it on their second touch. The player at the end controls it, then hits a lofted pass to the far side over the heads of both players in the middle. The soccer drill is repeated at the opposite end.

A further development to this drill involves the middle player running towards the player at the end to exert some pressure after hitting the return pass. To increase difficulty, the lofted pass can also be hit first time.

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