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Coaching a midfield is about making sure each of your midfielders understands their role and responsibilities. With good coaching and organisation your midfield should be able to support the defence and take the ball up the pitch, combining with the forwards to create and score goals. They need to have vision to see where to pass, and the skill and speed to execute their tactics.
These soccer drills and small-sided games look at a number of different midfield scenarios and suggest methods and coaching games to play to boost your midfield players’ skills.

Fit and focused feature

Fit and Focused

Use this fast-paced training game to get two centre midfielders and a defensive midfielder moving quickly into positions to support each other, just like they would in a match. Why use it This is a refresher for players to get into supporting positions when they are near the player with the ball. Set up Use […]

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Control the game feature

Control the game

This possession-based session gives players a good idea of looking and moving to the pass and awards points if the players succeed in moving the ball through the thirds. Why use it This is a session based on passing and moving between the thirds. It is quite a technical game but an excellent session in […]

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Keep Ball feature

Keep Ball

A key to a passing team is retaining possession in midfield. Use this session to show your players how to keep hold of the ball in the middle of the pitch. Why use it Holding onto the ball is the best way to ensure opponents don’t score. Passing and moving using good control is the […]

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Explosive in Midfield feature

Explosive in Midfield

Yaya Toure can drive defenders backwards, find space and exploit it. Use this fast session to teach your midfielders how to drive play in different ways, just like the Ivory Coast star. Why use it Attacking play from midfield can fire a team forward and create the kind of chances in the final third that […]

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4v4 featured

4 v 4 continuous small-sided game

Give your players plenty of decision making opportunities in this fun transition game, which also exposes players to lots of overload situations. Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) / up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Two teams of four players Two goals Two keepers Rules Each team defends one goal. One […]

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8 v 5 creativity drill featured image

8 v 5 creativity soccer game

Encourage your players to be as creative as Juan Mata around the penalty area and teach them the importance of a well-weighted pass and a well-timed run. Why use it Creativity around the box is vital to ensuring the creation of scoring chances. The type and accuracy of pass are key, as is a good […]

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