Coaching a midfield is about making sure each of your midfielders understands their role and responsibilities. With good coaching and organisation your midfield should be able to support the defence and take the ball up the pitch, combining with the forwards to create and score goals. They need to have vision to see where to pass, and the skill and speed to execute their tactics.
These soccer drills and small-sided games look at a number of different midfield scenarios and suggest methods and coaching games to play to boost your midfield players’ skills.

Compact Midfield

Compact your team in midfield

in Midfield, Tactics

This session places an emphasis on midfield units staying compact and being hard to penetrate when out of possession. It identifies specific defensive roles for midfield players making them more compact and difficult to penentrate MORE

Control Midfield

Control the game in midfield

in Midfield, Tactics

One thing that will help you control the pace of games and give you a winning edge is to have an effective midfield. This useful session will help your players learn how to pass the ball through midfield on the move MORE

3 zone playmaker game - part 1

3 Zone Playmaker Game

in Midfield, Small Sided Games

Set up Pitch size: 40 x 30 yards, divided into three narrow strips Each zone has a target goal at each end Two teams of four players Rules Three players on each team go into their own 1v1 zone. One player from each team is the “playmaker” (P in the diagrams). Possession starts with the... MORE

Middle or wide advantage - part 1

Middle or Wide Advantage

in Midfield, Small Sided Games

Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Two keepers Two teams of four players One team play with all four players on the pitch The other team play with two players on the pitch and two wide players off the pitch This set up gives the... MORE

How to coach passing through the midfield - part 1

Passing through midfield

in Midfield, Practice plans

Matches are often won or lost in the centre of midfield, so the better your team is able to maintain possession of the ball here, the better placed it will be able to attack the opposition and create chances. MORE

How to coach picture perfect mindsights- part 1

Picture perfect

in Midfield, Practice plans

Players such as Xavi or Frank Lampard seem to have more time and space than their opponents because of their awareness of what’s happening around them. This session improves your players’ midfield ability by creating a “picture” in their minds before receiving the ball. MORE

How to coach Gerrard v Lampard style session- part 1

Gerrard v Lampard

in Midfield, Practice plans

This is a session your players will love as it encourages them to develop the skills used by two of England’s best midfielders, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. MORE

How to coach drills to stop foward passes - part 1

Stop a forward pass

in Midfield, Practice plans

This session is designed to improve your midfielders’ defensive responsibilities by stopping forward passes and reacting to make recovery runs or track opponent’s forward runs. MORE

How to coach slick midfield drills- part 1

The slick midfield trio

in Midfield, Practice plans

Developing your team’s ability to use three players in midfield will reap great benefits. The games in this session develop attacking combination play, defensive teamwork and the positioning of your midfielders. MORE

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