Control the game

This possession-based session gives players a good idea of looking and moving to the pass and awards points if the players succeed in moving the ball through the thirds.

Why use it

This is a session based on passing and moving between the thirds. It is quite a technical game but an excellent session in getting players to see the best passing options

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones in an area 60 x 35 yards split into three 20 yard thirds. We used 18 players in the session but you can scale this down to less players in a smaller area easily.

Control the game

How to play

Split your squad into two teams and play a 3v3 in each zone of the pitch – players stay in their zones. Players must move the ball between zones and teams get 2 points each time the ball goes through the three zones from one end to the other. Teams get one point if they see a good pass between both end zones – this is a good attacking pass. Advance the session by introducing a ball from each end so two balls are in play at the same time to give players a good session in communication and observation.


Players work at high pressure, and have to work hard to create space. Players should use match relevant movements to keep the ball individually but try to use as few touches as possible. Encourage simple passes between players and zones.

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