Mastering the flanks – Practice


This session focuses on moving the ball quickly into wide areas and exploiting space in those areas.



Set up an area relative to the age and ability of your players. Divide the area into three channels, with a mini goal and a gate goal at either end of the central channel and a gate goal at the bottom of each wide channel.



Three attacking players in the central zone and one attacking player in each wide zone, play against three defenders. Players play two-touch in central zone, but are unlimited in the wide channels. Only one defender can enter either wide channel (2v1 opportunities). Attackers must connect five passes before trying to score with a one-touch finish into the central goal, or a dribble or penetrating pass through the wide gates. Interchanging is allowed with and without the ball. If the defending team wins possession, they can score through the gate in the central zone.



Quality and type of pass; quality of first touch; one- touch play; shape: width and depth; interchanging positions (mobility), decision making: possession v penetrating; combination play; transition.

1. Set up 5v3 in favour of the attacking team

2. The attacking team aims to connect at least five passes before they can score

3. The attacking team can score by dribbling or passing through the wide gates, or finishing one-touch in the mini goal

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