One touch passing

This warm up is a great way to get players alert to one touch play and to get them ready for playing matches and keeping possession of the ball in tight areas of the pitch like the penalty area.

Why use it

Great for one touch play and keeping possession of the ball

Set up

You need balls and cones. Use an area 20 x 10 yards. You need players on each of the cones ¬– we used 10 players.

How to do it

You need players on the cones on each side of the pitch and servers in the centre for the first part of the warm up. Using two balls start with a pass from each end into the white servers in the middle. Players pass and follow one touch but the servers remain in their places. In the second part the servers also pass and follow.


One touch passing.

    1. Start with a ball at both ends of the area with a pass into the white servers

      2. The server plays a one-two with the passer making sure it is one touch

        3. The outside players follow the pass once they have played a one two with the server and players move around the outside of the area.

        one-touch passing

        4. In the second phase the servers also follow the pass and play moves in and out of the area.

          5. Try to get the tempo increased so they are playing at match pace

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