Press or protect

Play this like a Rondo where if you split the defenders and hit the cone keeping possession of the ball. The pressing team must try to win the ball and prevent the possession team hitting the cone.

Why use it

The main content is geared to pressing and protecting. It holds both physical and technical attributes and helps develop player psychology in terms of the demands and skills required when defending the 18-yard box.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a traffic cone. Set up an area 10 x 10 yards with a 2 x 2 yard centre zone with a traffic cone inside it. We used 6 players in the session.

How to play

Set up as many 10×10-yard boxes, as you need depending on your squad size. Attackers must stay outside the square keeping possession, trying to knock over the central traffic cone. Defenders must press and protect. They are not allowed to go into the shaded area, with their objective being to win the ball as many times as possible whilst preventing the traffic cone from being hit. We play this with 60-second repetitions, instructing defenders to press aggressively, with a secondary press and support. We are looking for body contact – no bobbing, no pointing – just simple, quick, aggressive pressing and, ultimately, an interception


Pressing technique versus possession so good passing movement and support play for both sets of players

Defend the box

    1. Attackers pass the ball between themselves trying to set up a chance of scoring a goal by knocking the cone over.
    2. The defenders role is to cover passing lines and block any passes as the defending team try to keep possession and create an opening
    3. Here a shot hits the cone in the centre knocks in it over and a point is secured

    4. The defenders must support each other organise properly, press opponents and intercept the ball
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