VIDEO Rondos: Six player position games for 7 players

Felipe Ragel the Under 19 head coach of Marcet Academy in Barcelona shares a video of his team doing six different player position games for seven players

Video: Rondos – six player position games


1. Set up an area 10 x 8 yards
2. Traditional simple Rondo 5v2
3. Keep the ball off the two defenders, try to split the defenders for the best pass

GAME TWO 4+1v2

1. Set up an area 10 x 10 yards
2. You need 4 players – one on each side on the outside and a team mate on the inside against 2 defenders
3. Pass between the four players and the one in the centre. Defenders press to try and win the ball


1. Set up an area 14 x 8 yards split into two
2. The players on the sides move up and down between the two halves with the players on each end and the player in the middle staying where they are
3. Start with a 4v2 in one half and play up and down between the two squares


1. Set up an area 12 x 12 yards
2. Play 2v2 in the centre with one player from each team on one of the ends and a magic man who plays for the team in possession


1. Set up an area 20 x 10 yards split in two
2. The team of three have one player at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom who play for the team in possession. The two teams of 2 players must keep possession using the three neutral players

GAME SIX 3v1+3v0

1. Set up two squares 4×4 yards with a 1 yard space between the squares.
2. Both teams of three pass a ball between them. One team of three plays against 1 player, when he wins the ball whoever he won the ball from must go to the other square and try to win the ball. Whoever he wins the ball from must go back to the first square … and so on.

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