4v4 first touch game

Objective: To improve first touch.Footy 4 kids session image

Age group: U7 – U14

Set up: Mark out a short, wide pitch with big (about 10 yard wide) goals at either end and a centre line.

Divide your players into two teams of 3 or 4.

Each team defends a goal.

How to play:

The game starts with each team spread out in their half of the pitch.

The coach stands on the centre line and rolls a ball to one of the teams.

Their objective is to score a goal by shooting from within their own half.


  • No goalies.
  • Players must stay in their own half of the pitch at all times.
  • Each player on the team must touch the ball at least once before a shot can be taken.
  • The ball must not be allowed to stop – if it does, possession is passed to the other team.


Restrict players to three, two or one touch.

Ask them to shoot with their “wrong” foot!

Can they lay off a good ball into the path of the shooter?

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