5V5 Fetch the ball

One team knocks balls off cones and one team scores by passing to the keeper from one end to the other. But the key to this game is that when a ball is knocked off the opposition have to get it back.

Why use it

This is an important game for reacting to transitions – the player getting the ball leaves his team playing an overload.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Set up an area 30 x 40 yards with 5 yard squares at each end and two cones with balls on each side of the area. We used 12 players in the session

How to play

Split your players into two teams of 5 playing 5v5 plus a goalkeeper in the squares at each end. One team are attacking the balls on cones and the other team are trying to get the ball from one goalkeeper to the other. When the team knocks one of the balls off the team passing to the goalkeepers must retrieve the ball so they are down to 4 outfield players making a 5v4 overload for the team knocking balls off. Once they have shot they get another ball off the coach. The team playing to the keepers must try and win the ball, pass to either keeper then try to get the ball to the keeper at the other end. Keepers stay in their boxes, and a point is won by either knocking the ball off or getting the ball to the keeper. First to 5 wins then swap roles.


One and two touches, decision making

Great game for accuracy

    1. The goalkeeper starts the session by passing out to the team that has to pass up and down the pitch between the two keepers
    2. The other team must press and try to win the ball so they can knock the cones off
    3. Now when the keeper passes out a player from the opposition tackles and wins the ball

Accurate shooting

    4. This team have to try and knock the balls off the cones – when a ball is knocked off a player from the opposition must retrieve it and put it back
    5. The team knocking balls off now has a 5v4 overload until the player gets back on the pitch
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