6 great games for pre-season training

Turning up for friendly games, or for the first match of the season, needs planning. Do your players know where to play or what tactics you will use? Do they know if it’s 7v7 or 9v9? You need to get your players into the swing of match play again so playing appropriate games and activities is vital to your pre-season schedule.

To start your training try Three ball pressure, which is an excellent teamwork game that will help your players bond quickly.

For sorting out who will play up front try the Striker time trials. This will help you to get all your players scoring goals and will also show you who has been playing and fine-tuning their skills over the summer break.

One touch shot works on a player’s first touch – key to getting players back into controlling the ball and oiling rusty skills. It is one of my favourite pre-season games as first touch is so crucial to keeping possession of the ball.

Another key thing to think about when working on game play is possession of the ball. In 4-player pre-season support session, the players are moving to receive – a key element of teamwork and moving the ball up the pitch.

For youngsters, Skills relay is great for getting players used to controlling and moving the ball again. It is also great fun and a favourite of my younger teams.

Finally, use Pre-season high and low pressure to give your players a good workout in high pressing, just like the professionals do. It’s a great way to get your players used to the tactic so they are ready to use it in matches.

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