Build up to score


Build up to score improves your players’ awareness of switching play to the wingers and then making forward runs to score from a cross into the opponent’s penalty box.

Set up

  • Pitch 40yds x 30yds including two 5yd side channels

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

Two players take the position of wingers and go into the channel, which is opposite the one you are in. The remaining players pair up, and stand either side of the goal.

To start, the first two attackers run to receive your pass. The players combine and then pass the ball out to the wide player. The wide player then dribbles down the line and crosses into the box.

The attackers continue their runs into the box to meet the cross and shoot. The attackers should ensure that one player runs to the near post and one to the far post in order to cover the whole box.

Play now reverses with two attackers entering the field from the opposite side and receiving a pass from you.


  • The game is played for ten minutes
  • All players are limited to two touches to increase the speed and realism of the game
  • If the ball goes off or a goal is scored you pass to the next set of attackers on the opposite side


By adding a defender in each box the attackers will be forced to improve their movement to lose the defender and the winger will have to ensure they cross with accuracy to one of the attackers.


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Build up to score - part 1

The two blue players run to receive your pass.

Build up to score - part 2

The players combine and pass the ball wide to the winger.

Build up to score - part 3

The attackers now run into the box to meet the cross and shoot.

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