Possession or score

This session encourages strikers to have rapid shots at goal and to link up in the middle of the park with one-twos and one-touch passing. Defenders can switch play when in possession and spread out to keep the ball from attackers.

Why use it

Great use of overloads and the need for sharp and rapid shots at goal – ideal practice for match play

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Using back to back penalty areas with a goal at each end. We used 12 players plus 2 goalkeepers in the session

How to do it

Split your players into three teams of 4 players plus 2 goalkeepers. Play a 4v4 in the central area with one team on the outside as passing stations. One teamis the attacking team and can score in both goals trying to score as many goals as possible. If the defending team wins possession they play with the outside team and try to hold the ball.
If they visit all four outside players they receive a point.


Attackers , look to shoot quickly switch focus of play to create space. Defenders, when in possession keep the ball spread out.

Keep the ball or score

    1. The attacking team must link up and try to score in either goal – look for good switches of play between the two goals to find space
    2. The defending team must try and block shots and cover passing lines so the attackers have difficulty in getting to the two goals
    3. If the defending team wins the ball they link up with the team on the outside and keep possession

Passing possession

    4. To score a point the defending team must get the ball to all four of the outside players
    5. Look for rapid shooting and good defensive blocking with possession techniques to keep the ball
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