Small sided soccer game for passing under pressure

When your players are under pressure to make a choice of where to pass the ball, avoid shouting at them if they make the wrong choice. A more constructive approach is to teach your players in soccer (football) training about passing and the consequences of their passing decisions. This is a great coaching session to use with young teams – there are three games in one here.

Three passing games in one

  • Pass forward.
  • Pass wide.
  • Keep possession.

If possible, players should look to play forward, simply because that is where the goal is. If this is blocked, then play wide. If this option is blocked, then they should look to play back, move off the ball and start the process again.

These are simple soccer (football) tactics that are very effective at the top level of professional football and no less effective at the grassroots coaching level. It’s impossible for the opposition to block the middle and the sides all the time.

By playing wide, you will stretch your soccer players and create chances through the middle. By playing through the middle, you will force them in tight and be able to exploit the space this creates out wide.

Here’s how the game works:

Three in one small sided soccer games for passing skills


Soccer pitch size

You can change the size of the pitch depending on the number of players, ability, age and the intensity required. But I recommend starting with half a full-size pitch and get smaller for a more intense soccer coaching session.

You should start by playing a set period for each game (say, three minutes each) then randomly call out the game to be played.

Game 1: Possession game – simply make five passes to get a goal.

Game 2: Four-goal game – try to score in the small, wide goals.

Game 3: Two-goal game – try to score in the normal goals.

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Click here for a small-sided soccer game to get your playes passing under pressure.

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