Small sided soccer game to get wingers out wide

Use this small-sided soccer game to coach your players to make the most of the whole width of the pitch. This soccer (football) coaching session helps players understand that by using the wings, they can put dangerous balls at different angles into the opposition penalty area.

Small-sided soccer game set up

  • This game uses a full-sized pitch but turn it around so the goals are centred on each sideline.
  • Put a keeper in each goal and a neutral player in each 18 yard box – these will become the wingers for both teams.
  • Use two teams of three players and they can use both of the neutral players.

Small sided soccer game to get wingers using width of pitch

The wingers are always on the attack

The neutral players are always attackers and must stay in their 18 yard areas for this soccer coaching session.

The teams play a normal soccer (football) game, except each attack must use one of the wingers, who crosses the ball from their area into the attacking team. No one else is allowed in the 18-yard areas.

Players must move for the winger’s pass

If you look at the diagram you can see that the keeper plays the ball out wide to the neutral player on his right wing, and the attacking players make runs straightaway.

The nearest player goes in for a short pass and the other two make near-post and far-post runs.

You can restrict the wingers to two or three touches to develop their soccer skills.

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