Soccer drill to coach defending against attacking wingers

Clearing the ball when you have players running at you is never easy. It often needs a calm head and a reminder not to jump into the tackle and make it easy for the attacker to get past you. Use this soccer drill to coach these defensive skills.

What you tell your players to do in the soccer drill:

  • Have a “no one is going to pass” attitude.
  • Concentrate on each separate activity.
  • Make each move as realistic and difficult as it would be in a real soccer game.

Soccer drill to get players clearing the ball

What you get your players to do in the drill:

A – defender comes across to receive thrown pass.

B – serves a ball to A.

A – makes headed clearance with height and distance.

D – immediately dribbles down the line and crosses for B.

B – gets into the box to score.

A – must react after initial clearance and get back to defend the cross.

C – once cross is defended, dribbles into the box and tries to score.

A – defend 1 v 1 against player C.

The defender gets one point for each successfully cleared ball but the attackers get two points for each goal scored. This will add to the competitiveness, concentration and intensity of the soccer drill.

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