Pre match soccer warm up drill for ball control skills

When you get to your matches, try this soccer warm-up drill so your players can remember all the ball control drills and skills you have worked on in your soccer coaching sessions.

This warm-up drill is easy to set up as long as you remember to take your cones with you to the away games!

Soccer drill set up

Set up the drill circuit in the diagram – mark out a square with four cones, then set out six cones across each diagonal. Both ends of the square start at the same time, so there will always be two balls in play.

soccer warm up drill to get players passing down the sides of a grid while receiving player dribbles diagonally across grid


Start the soccer (football) drill

  • Start the soccer drill with the player in possession passing down the side of the square and following the pass.
  • The receiving player dribbles through the cones, diagonally across the square.
  • Keep repeating the soccer warm up drill for 5 -10 minutes depending on how many players you have.

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