Correct heading technique in attack (U9-U10 game)


Correct heading technique in attack


“Eyes open look at the ball” • “Put your weight on the balls of your feet” • “Head the ball down”

Set up a grid of 5 yard squares with a cone goal at the ends of each square (as shown in the diagram). Players work in pairs – one pair in each square. Give each pair a ball.

Players throw the ball up to themselves and try to head the ball down and past their partner into the goal. To score a goal the ball must bounce down from the header before it crosses the line.

Players will be chasing around all over the place to get balls that have not been headed properly so you will need a lot of helpers to gather balls – this is great fun for them so don’t worry if it looks like chaos.

Get your player to practise by throwing the ball up at different heights to see the difference when they have more time to prepare to head the ball.

How many players do I need?

Players work in pairs.

Game play

Correct stance – legs, torso, and neck for core strength; mouths closed.
Head the ball down and give it direction.
Arms should be used for balance and guidance.

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